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Translation accuracy

On Target. Every time.

How much confidence do you have in your translation provider?
Accuracy matters

Accurate quoting

  • Custom. We take the time to understand your needs.
  • Honest. We give you all the details up front.

Precise process

  • Skilled. Our team members are industry professionals.
  • Consistent. We use terminology management technology to ensure your company’s message is clear & balanced.
  • Flexible. We work to fit your processes.

Superior results

  • Excellence. We strive to consistently produce quality results.
  • Assured. We back up all work with an industry-leading 180-day warranty and support.


Accuracy of translation

Across departments

We facilitate synchronization of terminology and your translation’s message across departments … even with groups with whom you may not have had strong ties. From the naming of your product to how your company promotes that name, we assure all departments receive the same message and key words to ensure consistency and to aid communication.

Across languages

Regardless of language, we coordinate all our efforts and apply our methods consistently from quotation to delivery to ensure each translation conveys a consistent message and maintains the same level of quality. The results are tangible: a final, ready-to-use translation that preserves the look and feel of the native language.

Accuracy in practice

Up-front planning

When we price, we plan out the whole course of the project, assessing needs, analyzing files, building teams, and seeking out discounts and savings. Our goal is to be precise and thorough so there are no surprises.

Terminology management

We spend the up-front effort to hand-pick qualified linguists to develop glossaries and translation memories that perfectly communicate your industry’s key points. See Terminology Management.

Quality control

We always plan for a round of Q/A to monitor output and to put the finishing polish on any work performed. We go beyond inspection and refine all our work.

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